Friday, March 26, 2010

Sinful Colors Rise And Shine

Another lovely new Sinful for you today. I hemmed & hawed today over this or Mint Apple but this one won, because I'm in a vaguely crappy mood (I also might have pneumonia) and I just needed something happy on my newly short nails. This is sorta in the vein of China Glaze Turned Up Turquoise (correct me if I'm wrong, sometimes my memory fails me), but I think I like it better. The base is more opaque, and the shimmer is more visible. I think the formula is also better for me. And it's pretty! Really pretty. Perfect thing for premature spring fever. I'm starting to appreciate Sinful Colors a lot because they're cheap. They're not perfect, but the shades are pretty cutting edge and you just can't go wrong. Plus, the formula, while it can be tricky/spotty, isn't, in my opinion, anything that should be a complete deterrent. Get thee polish thinner! So, this is two coats, and it's perfectly opaque. Like my other recent Sinful post, this polish also had lots gunked under the cap when I opened it. It's a disease! This one also must have a bit of neon in it because it dried quite matte between coats. It looked kinda blah, but slather on some Seche Vite and loveliness ensues. I swear.

Here is my evidence:

See? Fun. Since Mint Apple lost out last night and I'm on a green kick, I guess it's no secret what's (probably) coming up....

Thanks for looking!

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