Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Orly Sweet Collection & Orly Foil FX Collection

So, I may or may not have gone out today. These may or my not have followed me home. For once, Sally's had everything I was looking for. I love Orly polish, and I just got done swatching all of them... they are to die for. When will I get sick of pastels... I almost bought all 6 of the Sweet Collection before I regained my composure and realized that I would likely not wear Cotton Candy and that Lemonade was an exact dupe for China Glaze Lemon Fizz. Pixy Stix I bought mostly for the name, but the color is pretty unique. It's also a jelly, which I didn't know until I swatched it. Gumdrop is the bluest mint I've encountered, but keep in mind I don't have Essie Mint Candy Apple. I feel like this would lean towards that end of the mint spectrum. Snowcone is gorgeous, might be a dupe for Maybelline Pie in the Sky, but who cares? Awesome. Lollipop is also so pretty, not a dupe for China Glaze Light As Air, not sure about Essie Lilacism.

L to R: Orly Sweet Collection in Pixy Stix, Gumdrop, Snowcone & Lollipop.

And then these... ah, yes. These. These gorgeous shiny little babies came home with me as well. No way in hell was I letting myself miss out on these. The only one I might have dupe for is Shine, the silver, but I don't even care. Rage is completely unique, and the name is awesome. And Luxe is just hot. Yay!

L to R: Orly Foil FX Collection in Rage, Shine, Luxe.

I don't usually share bottle pics, but these are so great. Those little lip glosses on the Sweet bottles? They smell like their namesakes. It's actually kinda creepy.

Thanks for looking!

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