Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sinful Colors Mint Apple

Damn! These new Sinfuls are just freaking awesome. The shimmer in them is divine! Seriously so. Glowy. Incandescent. Luminous. It never picks up right on camera but in person it is stellar. Mint Apple is neither completely mint nor completely apple, but it is somewhere in between. A dusty aqua maybe. Intensely glowy silver shimmer that almost looks almost goldish in certain lights. This color looks so nice with my skin tone (very pale, cool), if I do say so myself. It's so soft yet so interesting... not boring at all. I think that's a unique quality unto itself: something that's soft and almost subtle, yet still retains interesting and offbeat elements. This one also had the goop around the cap that my other recently purchased Sinfuls have, and it applied just about the same: pretty good formula, 2 coats to opaque, and you could do three for good measure without going overboard.

Some photographic evidence for your viewing pleasure:

So nice! Shimmer can really be done well, as I think these polishes evidence. I have more Sinfuls that I purchased during a 50% off sale and I haven't tried many of them! Pretty sad, I may have to fix this soon.

Thanks for looking!

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