Tuesday, March 2, 2010

BB Couture For Nails Napa Valley Red

I bought four of the Vampy Varnish collaboration polishes from BB Couture, and here is the third one. I've heard buzz that this is the hit of the collection, and it sure is gorgeous. I still love Vampy Varnish best. But this, and Mendocino Midnight (which I just realized I wore and forgot to take pics of... shit!) definitely tie for second. I'll admit that I bought this because I heard it was probably going to be the hit of the collection. And when I got it, I wrote it off because in the bottle, it looks like another in the vein of China Glaze Ruby Pumps or OPI Smitten With Mittens (which I also wore recently and neglected to photograph....I suck). So I put it off. I'm so glad to realize, however, that once this polish is on, it's much more dramatic than the other two. While Ruby Pumps or Smitten with Mittens are more cheery, holiday reds, Napa Valley Red evokes the deep, plummy, almost browned-red of red wine. The glitter is apparent but not over the top at all. In some lights, it appears a blackened red, quite dramatic and romantic.

The photos I have for you below are pretty accurate for me, though it's slightly redder (and ever so slightly less brown) in real life. It's almost like a garnet. Claret. I can't figure a good descriptor. But it's very, very pretty.

Another slam dunk for BB, whoever she is! I've got more coming your way, so keep an eye out!

Thanks for looking!

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