Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Sinful Colors Happy Ending

Happy Ending is one of several new Sinful Colors greens you'll be seeing grace the pages of this blog. Out of the four I got (not including Green Ocean), I chose Happy Ending as the first to try. Why? I love bright lime/spring green. I went through a phase with it. I'm quite drawn to it. And the shimmer in this? Golden and dazzling. It's quite gorgeous. It also exactly matches my desk lamp. After almost 4 days (unheard of, I know, I got burnt out) of BB Couture's Dark Knight, I was ready for something much much lighter. The shimmer in this one... you can see it in the bottle but on the nail it really shines. Also, what's with the name? Is it dirty or are we talking fairy tales here? Not sure. It doesn't seem to fit either way. Sinful has weird names sometimes. I'm blanking on another example but I'm sure there is one. Also: what's with Sinfuls being all gummy around the cap lately? I haven't bought Sinfuls in a year or so, but the 5 I got recently were ALL gummy with polish when opened... like they'd been used very ineptly. I wonder if it's some quality control issue or something.... So, because of this, mine was a bit goopy in general, so I added a bit of thinner before proceeding.

I used two coats here, but a third would've been ideal.

On my desk lamp--seriously, it matches exactly. Gold flash & everything.

So there's some Sinful. Applied pretty well after the thinner (not sure about before). Kind of weird consistency. Built up nicely, and dried very well. Now that I've thought about it, I don't know if I've actually ever worn a Sinful polish that wasn't a glitter topcoat before, and I own quite a slew of 'em. Damn Walgreen's BOGO, I overloaded and never bothered to catch up. This one ain't half bad.

Thanks for looking!

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