Tuesday, March 16, 2010

China Glaze High Hopes & Konad Plate M64

Why did I buy High Hopes? For kind of a sick reason. "High Hopes" was the name of the house in Amityville where all that craziness was supposed to have happened. Except it didn't, as we now know. But, I thought this was kind of playfully (and probably unintentionally) morbid. Like me. This one is from the Up & Away collection and it's the first one to sort of disappoint me. First of all... I'm not into corally guava shades, I'm just not. Plus this isn't totally a creme... at least mine isn't. It's got weird, jellyish tendencies that do it no favors. 2 coats wasn't enough and I wasn't sticking around for a third. And it didn't dry. I watched 2 hours of Lost and it didn't dry. So, I can't say I kept it on long enough to say it wore well.

Here it is, pulling a bit more orange than in reality:

And I put a Konad on it, from plate M64 with Konad Black Special Polish, attempting to salvage it. I really, really like the design, but the polish underneath didn't dry, so it was mostly a waste:

What shall I put on now? Hmmm.

Thanks for looking!!

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