Wednesday, March 10, 2010

OPI Absolutely Alice

Well, call me cliche but in honor of the fact that Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland opens this weekend, I have put this polish back on. I wore it back in January once after I bought it, and now again. It's pretty awesome. But first, let me just talk about how much I adore Tim Burton. I do. I have a tattoo of one of his sketches (not a cliche Nightmare before Christmas thing, mind you), and I own all of his films... Edward Scissorhands, of course, being my favorite movie of all time. It's funny, when you start blogging about one specific thing (i.e. nail polish) you realize how little a part of your life it is. For instance, I would not rank nail polish in a list of things that define me. I am much more passionate about literature, writing and film, which I've studied for many years and through multiple degrees. I have a deep and strong love for the music of Bob Dylan. I also once loved punk rock for many years and had a mohawk. I consider myself, above many other things, a writer. I will not claim to put forth much effort to my commentary here, this is just me rambling, not "writing."

Another point... have you ever noticed how we seem to deem certain collections more frivolous than others? Have 500 books or films or lovely paintings? You must be literate and cultured. Have a collection of Barbies? Wow, how devoted of you. But 500 nail polishes? Are you bonkers? I actually find it to be a pretty creative hobby, which I think is what entices me most of all. I'm, among other things, a failed photographer, a decent ceramicist, and a bang-up knitter, so I think this is just an extension. It's about making yourself an piece of art that reflects your, the same philosophy I have for makeup and hair and body modification.

Have I rambled? Yes. Do I love Absolutely Alice? Yes. We're talking mega-cerulean-blue-with-a-bit-o-gold GLITTER. 2 coats is distracting enough that you should basically wear it on a day when you want to do nothing but stare at your hands. Not safe for driving.

My photos? They suck. They wash out the blue so much. It's actually the most perfect shade of blue... so, photos as evidence but not proof, you get me?

And now, we'll turn on the blur, for super blingtasticness.

So, hope you all enjoy Alice if you go to see it. Another random fact about me? I memorized the Jabberwocky poem from Through the Looking Glass. I once did a piece of interpretive theatre to it that involved me reciting it and playing the violin. Which I also do. I also once wrote a paper that argued that Lewis Carroll wrote the Alice tales as brainwashing material for young girls, to teach them not to listen to the frivolous and stringent notions of placed on them by adults. I got an A on it. Weird how one sparkly blue polish elicits all this jabber from me.

Thanks for looking and tonight, reading.

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