Monday, March 15, 2010

OPI DS Glamour

The only OPI DS (Designer Series) polish I owned before this one arrived in the mail today was Ruby. Which I bought off because I thought it would be a deep red holo. It's not, but it is a light red holo, very pretty, but I've never felt compelled to buy another DS polish. Not sure why, but I guess I got my holo fix with China Glaze's Kaleidoscopes and OMGs, so I wasn't much interested in buying OPI's version because... well, honestly? They cost more. Because they're holo. Which is pretty stupid, if you ask me. At any rate, I did want Glamour but it's an older DS and long sold out on most etailer websites that I visit. Glamour is the first polish I've ever bought off eBay. I hate eBay. They owe me money, and they're bastards. But they do make polish dreams come true, occasionally.

This polish reminds me of pen ink for some reason. Like when a pen explodes, only... holographic. It's the comparison that keeps running through my head. This holo is super holo. I've only seen it in crappy indoor nighttime light and it's intense. It might blind me tomorrow in the sunlight. Cobalt blue holo, 2 coats, perfect application... OPI is good for me, like I've said.

Pics, which aren't half bad:

Less holo here, but just wait.... wait for it....


YEAH. This is gonna go into a little hidey hole with my original My Private Jet so they can keep each other company. I'd keep this on longer but I'm trying to do my nails every day up until I leave so I don't get too behind while in Canada for 10 days... so I'd like to be 10 posts ahead. Will this happen? I'm not sure it's humanly possible. But I'm gonna try.

Thanks for looking!

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