Thursday, March 25, 2010

Pure Ice Heartbreaker

I finally broke down and bought Pure Ice Heartbreaker after putting it off for pretty much forever. It is a super shimmery teal that transforms basically anything you put it over. I don't hold much stock in polishes that are meant for layering... I mean, if it's not opaque, what good is it? At least that's the school of thought I tend to subscribe to, closed minded as it may be. But for $2.50 or whatever Pure Ice polishes cost, I'm willing to play around. A warm shimmering gold-silvery aqua/teal is what we have going on here, so obviously it lends a superior mindbending green shimmer to things. I tried it over yesterday's BB Couture For Nails Dragon's Breath and was pretty impressed. It vaguely reminded me of that old Urban Decay polish... Cult? I think it was Cult. Aside from purples, I can't wait to try this bad boy over blues and blacks as well, and also other greens.... hm. Ideas, ideas. Anyway, I guess I'll amend my disdain for the layering polishes in the case of cheap layering polishes because at least you'll get bang for your buck. And here I am being a hypocrite when a couple weeks ago I was all gaga over CND's Crimson Sparkle. Oh well, I never claimed to be consistent.

Here's a couple photos of it over Dragon's Breath:

Can't wait to use this to amp up some other looks. Sorry that I didn't have more new stuff to feature today, but there's more to come, I promise.

ETA: I've been informed, after the fact, that this may by the "dud" version of Heartbreaker! It's still pretty neat, but I'll have to look for the real deal next time I hit up a Walmart.

Thanks for looking!

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