about me and my nails.

I'm Sarah. I'm 25 and I was born and raised in Upstate NY (Albany area), but currently live in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada (my husband's hometown). I finished my Master's Degree in English in 2010, and while reading and writing are my true passion, I currently work in non-profit administration for a park conservancy. I created this blog as a way to document my nails every day, and perhaps dispense other beauty related prattle. 

My polish obsession has been going on since I was about ten. It is important to note that despite my fascination with nail polish, I bit my nails for the first twenty-three years of my life. I'd have several months of good growth, and enjoy polishing, and then I'd bite them 'til they bled. Currently, I've been bite-free for over two years and my polish habit is my way of keeping myself on the wagon, so to speak. How did I quit? Well... it was sheer willpower. And, in a way, transferring my biting habit into a polishing habit.

As for the name of my blog: I once, while mildly intoxicated, told my then-fiance (now-husband) that I was "going to own six thousand f*cking sparkly paints" and that no one was "gonna do a damn thing to stop me." Seemed fitting to dub the blog as such.

Other things I'm into: literature, reading, writing, film, punk rock, rock'n'roll, knitting, fashion, design, and all other kinds of badassery. 

In case you were wondering, here are my favorite, Holy Grail-type nail stuffs. Most of these things are individual, so what works for me may not work for you. For the record, however, here's my list:


I use Barielle Natural Nail Growth Stimulator or Sally Hansen Nail Quencher depending on my needs. I use Gelous on top.


I am a Seche Vite girl all the way. I've tried many, many, many and I keep going back.


I like any and all and have quite a collection. Salon to drugstore to high end and everything in between.

Nail Care:

For remover, Zoya Remove+ is a favorite, but I'm currently using the purple Onyx remover. It's a very affordable substitute and it doesn't strip my nails and skin.

For cuticle removal, I use Blue Cross Cuticle Remover.

For cuticle care, I am a devotee of Lush's Lemony Flutter. I abhor the smell but I deal with it. It's a miracle worker. I'm not a huge fan of oils in general. I also love CND's Cuticle Eraser.

For hand creme, I like Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Creme.


I prefer Essie's Crystal File. It's sturdier than OPI's and I like that it's dual sided unlike Swissco. Nail Tek also makes a nice one with a case.

For fixing breaks and tears, Orly's Nail Rescue Kit is an absolute miracle. It has converted me from silk wrapping for life.

For clean up, I like to use orange sticks during polishing. To clean up afterward, I use Onyx Pure Acetone and a Loew-Cornell Filbert brush or the elf concealer brush to clean up my gap and sides.

For thinning polishes, I like Beauty Secrets Thinner from Sally's Beauty Supply. Seche Restore is good for Seche Vite, but honestly, I generally use the Beauty Secrets in it anyway. It doesn't have any ill effects as far as I can tell.