Saturday, March 13, 2010

OPI Pink Me I'm Good

Wow, three days of OPI glitter over here.... it just happened that way. I see more OPI in the near future, too, of the DS variety.... perhaps I've said too much. So, I have absolutely no idea what the name of this polish means. Not even a clue. It's an Ulta (Spring? Valentine's Day?) exclusive, which is fine and dandy for those of you who live near Ultas. I, alas, live in New York. Which has something like around 12 or 15 Ultas, all of which are over 100 miles from my house. New York is not that big. I live "Upstate" which is really "mid" state but on the Eastern border of the state. Anyway, not an Ulta in sight. A nice MUAer picked this up for me and, well.... I don't much care for it.

This is a pink jelly with gold and silver glitter, and it can be quite electric, but it pulls oddly orange on me and makes my hands look pink. Weird. The formula also left something to be desired, thick and it took three unwieldy coats to achieve almost-opacity. It dried well though, which I was thankful for... but I love OPIs. They always dry and wear well on me. This was no exception. I think my issues lie in the fact that I don't much adore pink. This was fun though, I might try it matte next time, I think it would be really awesome.

Here's my 3 coats:

Pretty. And I do enjoy glitter very, very, very much. But... Pink Me I'm Good? Pick Me I'm Good? Pinch Me I'm Good? WHAT!?

Thanks for looking!

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