Monday, March 8, 2010

BB Couture For Nails Dark Knight

Oh, another seriously gorgeous vampy winner. First of all: Batman? YES. Second: black with intense white-gold shimmer? HELL YES. As you can see, this one is just awesome. Everything about it. As you can see, I had to take a bit of length off my nails. I had 2 breaks on the hand I usually feature, not that you could tell (middle & ring), thanks to the successful use of Orly's Nail Rescue Kit. I had a weird bendy spot on my right hand's middle finger left over from a bit of momentary insanity where I picked off all my nail polish and took a nice bit of nail with it. It held up OK until it grew out to the tip, where today that chunk at the corner of my nail broke off, despite attempts to patch it. This happened in Walgreens, whilst buying...what else? Nail polish. Ironic? Maybe. But, I took it as a hint to take all the repairs off my nails, which a good soak in acetone did, and file 'em down. I hated doing this. I worked for so long to grow my nails and I loved the length they were. But my nails have been doing well lately, and growing pretty fast, so they should recover nicely.

Anyway, enough rambling... here's 2 coats of Dark Knight.

OH! More fun news: my fiance, lovely guy that he is, went to American Apparel and got a few of the colors for me! Mount Royal, Mouse and Berry! The only semi-sad part is I won't get them until the 22nd of March when I go to Winnipeg for a lovely 10 day long visit. He lives only a couple blocks from the city's only American Apparel store, so it's likely I'll come home with a few more once I get to see them in person... I have to take a moment to rave about this guy, because I know he reads this and he has always been supportive my hobby. Which most people think is weird tinged with a tiny bit of cool. He had BB Couture's Joker sent to me a few weeks ago. He even bought me all the Sally Hansen Project Runway Canada exclusives. He asks me pretty frequently to paint his nails, though I haven't obliged him yet. He's a keeper, but I knew that a long time ago :-)

I also managed to pick up a bunch of new Sinful Colors polishes--all of which happen to be green. Mint Apple (which I already got a few weeks ago) was joined by Happy Ending, Innocent, Rise and Shine, and Green Ocean. I guess that despite the fact that I'm only 1/8 Irish, I may be celebrating March with green nonetheless.

Thanks for looking!

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