Friday, March 5, 2010

Claire's Dream Catcher

I've never much felt compelled to buy Claire's nail polish. I almost bought Yel once upon a time but then I didn't, and eventually it was discontinued and now I hate myself. Kidding. But let me begin with another story about how I didn't buy Chanel Jade. I did not buy this polish. I sat up the night it was released and I let it go. I didn't realize it was shimmery and translucent and beautiful. And so I didn't buy it, not that I've ever bought a $23 polish. (But once I may have bought a few of those Knockout Matte polishes, which used to be $22...) But then I sorta wanted it. So, once I heard this was dupe-ish to Jade, I went and got it and feel mildly satisfied. It's not your average mint. So Claire's polish? I pretty much hate it. I swatched this when I got it and it SUCKED. It went on with the consistency of peanut butter. And so I thinned, just a bit. It got better, but about 2/3rds of the way through this manicure, it began to thicken again. Which is especially annoying when compounded with the fact that this was a necessary 3 coater. Ah well. I actually put it on and intended to take it right off again, but so far, I haven't. It's kinda lovely.

My next NOTD's are probably gonna be mainly drugstore, pastels and a few BB Coutures thrown in there for good measure. Lots coming soon.

Thanks for looking!

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