Monday, March 29, 2010

Borghese Almondine

I don't even know how to categorize this polish. I'll call it shimmer but that's almost a lie. It is, in fact, the palest beige with a weird black/grayish speckle effect to it (impossible to describe with words), on top of all this, it has a very secret pink opalescent shimmer. Sound weird? It's actually AWESOME. It's so... strange and lovely, something soft with a serious edge happening. From a distance, this will look like a nude creme, and as it gets closer the speckle gives it a deeper cast. Then that shimmer! Wow, Borghese, you win this one. I love complex polish, and this shade along with Stellare Notte, are just beautiful complexity bottled. I'm not sure how available these were, because they came out in small displays a few months ago. If you know where to get them and passed on them because they were $8 (especially for only 4 oz.!), I strongly urge you to go back and see if they're still there. I sort of can't believe I paid that much for a drugstore polish, but I'm not in love with any Borgheses from their core line, so I knew I wasn't in any further danger. If there are more LE polishes as good as these though... they may come home with me.

The Borghese brush is a bit on the stumpy side, like a slimmer OPI Pro-Wide in shape. The formula on this one was just OK--it was a bit goopy and it needed 3 coats. Not a deal breaker for me though, not at all. It dried well and smooth and just looks super cool. Unfortunately, my photos don't do this one ANy justice. You'll see the nude and a tiny bit of the speckle but I basically failed, despite TONS of photos, to capture the essence of this polish whatsoever. Don't even ASK about that pinky shimmer, it was nowhere to be found in my photos. I'm just not that adept. Here are my best efforts nonetheless:

No good? My sincerest apologies. I did get a number of compliments when I wore this, because it's just so freaking cool. If you do run across a super-cool Borghese like this one, be kind and give it a home! I actually hate the bottle, I have to say, especially the cap! Yucky, who designed this crap? Looks all... tacky. The stuff inside is decidedly not tacky though, so give it a go.

Thanks for looking!

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