Wednesday, March 24, 2010

BB Couture For Nails Dragon's Breath

The premiere of what hopefully will be my shortest nail length for the time being. I just want 'em to growwww. I think what's happening is that I filed my nails down, but I was still growing out a bit of buffed down damage. So the shorter nails were also thinner and weaker than the parts I filed off. Make sense? Now they're chipping because they're thin, and they need to sort themselves out. Barielle Natural Nail Growth Stimulator and Salon Sciences Instant Artificials work your magic! You have not failed me yet.

Enough babbling. This is my last new BB Couture that I have to share and why I saved this for last I have NO idea! Dragon's Breath, an awesomely named awesome looking polish. I am coming to understand that nobody does glitters like BB. This one is a gorgeously deep berry jelly with red, blue and silver glitter in it. The camera actually did a decent job of capturing the glitter colors, if you look closely, but this is one you have to see up close to believe. I used 3 coats, which is usually a lot to me, but the formula was (good) thin and perfect. It's super beautiful in person!! I may even keep this one on for a while....

Hm, what will tomorrow bring us? I do not know. Lots of pastels lined up here and all I can think about is glitter!! Maybe Mendocino Midnight, another BB polish, which, it occurs to me now, I wore but didn't photograph for this blog. So maybe that'll reappear for photographic posterity. Anyway! Thanks for looking!

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