Thursday, April 1, 2010

Orly Snowcone & Orly Cotton Candy

More from the lovely Orly Sweet Collection. You'll note that this post contains Cotton Candy, which was not featured in my original post of what I bought... oops! This one came home to me today when I went to Sally's to use up a coupon before it expired. I decided I really liked this pink, that leans a little peach (maybe a dupe for MAC Seasonal Peach? Shoot. I wish I knew where mine was to compare...), and decided to grab it. They still have a few Lemonades left, too, and maybe I'll have to go back and get it just so my set is complete... hmmm, perhaps. I'm addicted to pastels so badly it hurts. Look at Orly Snowcone! It's super gorgeous. A medium cornflower blue, not as bright as Sally Hansen Pacific Blue, and brighter (in my opinion) than Maybelline Pie In The Sky. So pretty. I wanted to wear both of these so bad and I couldn't decide so I did some "skittles" here and alternated. I really like pastel colors skittled. It's just so fresh. Except these two sort of look like a baby shower for fraternal (male-female) twins threw up on my nails... but that's how I roll.

The formula on these was good--thick and pigmented, especially Snowcone. This may be tricky to work with for some. Cotton Candy was thick but slightly less pigmented, it might have a touch of jelly quality to it, but only a touch, definitely not enough to classify it as such. 2 coats was good coverage for both (be careful with Cotton Candy, it might need three if you're not careful), and Snowcone was almost opaque in one. Lovely.


Someone out there convince me I don't need Lemonade, OK? Tell me China Glaze's Lemon Fizz is enough. We'll see how long my will power holds out. I'm giving it 48 hours tops.

Anyway, hope spring has sprung wherever you're living. It's coming and going up in old New York, but it's sure getting there. Thanks for looking!

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