Monday, April 26, 2010

Zoya Rea

I've only featured a few Zoyas on my blog which isn't really representative of my like for them. I enjoy Zoya, I've never had a problem with their formula or their customer service (two huge gripes I've heard a few places). So, you won't hear much bad from me, but this is just my experience. I like their color and finish range, and I think their vampy colors are some of the best in the biz. The Zoya exchange is a pretty good deal. You basically get 50% off for sending them some polish (minimum of 6). Last year I did 2 orders and sent off a lot of old, dried out crap that was sitting in my drawer. Because of the high influx of colors at one time (also, last spring, they had a great deal where if you ordered the Color Lock system, you got the 2 summer collections free and I felt obliged to get this deal too... I was bad!), I have quite a few untried colors.

Speaking of their Color Lock System, I'll give you my quick, bare bones thoughts on it: for Zoya polishes, it works quite well if you have the time and patience for it. The top coat is not quick dry, which is my main gripe. But, I once used it for a manicure, sat for FOREVER, and then wore Zoya Roxy for like 8 days with almost zero wear. But, unlike others, I also have no problems using Zoya with my regular base and top coats. Also, their Remove+ is amazing, but generally too rich for my blood (at least at the rate I polish). I think Onyx's Moisturizing remover is comparable.

Anyway! On to a color. Here is Rea, and she is new to my life.

This was 2 coats, and the finish was pretty much a foil, but maybe not quite. Super super shimmery and metallic! No frost or brushstrokes though, don't worry. Kind of a muted greyed purple, a really good color overall. The color is actually a bit deeper than pictured above. Glad I own this one, now that I've gotten around to trying it out! It's very pretty.

That's all for today, continuing with my Zoya trend tomorrow. Thanks for looking!

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