Wednesday, April 14, 2010

American Apparel Cotton & Deborah Lippmann Happy Birthday

Let me start by saying I hate that Deborah Lippmann went eponymous. I liked Lippmann Collection so much better. Anyway. For some weird reason I was very anxious to try out Cotton. I don't think I own a white polish. And this is not straight up white, it's the white of your favorite, washed umpteen times, white cotton t-shirt. A creamy, slightly off-white. Love the shade. The formula was the worst of the 5 I've tried so far BUT it wasn't really that bad. Honestly, I didn't expect it to be good. I feel like whites and pastels that have a lot of white in them are always kind of a bitch to apply. This was 2 coats, the first of which was, as expected, kinda streaky. The second one started well, but by the time I got to my other hand it was getting gloppy. It also didn't seem to dry very quickly with Seche Vite, which is sometimes the case with gloppier polishes. Anyhow, after waiting a bit for it to dry, I layered on a coat of Lippmann's Happy Birthday, a splurge I made around Christmas because I just had to have this glitter. It's like 2nd grade arts & crafts on your nail.

The combo of the two polishes--Happy Birthday over Cotton--reminds me of multi-colored craft glitter sprinkled on freshly applied Elmer's Glue. AWESOME. Or at least I think so.

So, first I took a picture of Cotton. It bubbled a bit (my fault), but I wanted a picture for posterity. The flash washes it out, it's really a bit off white in reality.

And here's 2 coats Cotton (with a coat of Seche Vite) and 1 coat Happy Birthday (with a coat of Seche Vite to top it off).

Fun! I love looking at Happy Birthday. I needed a fix of glitter after all these darn cremes. I figure I'll probably never wear Cotton alone (too pale for white) but I'll definitely enjoy it for layering experiments such as this. Tomorrow's post might be creme but it will definitely *not* be an American Apparel polish, I promise! Even I need a break from their awesomeness.

Thanks for looking!

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