Friday, April 2, 2010

Nfu-Oh 51

This is a glimmering, complicated, legendary little gem. I hadn't heard about these little things called "flakies" until about a year ago, when this came home to me. Basically, they're little irregular shaped pieces of iridescent plastic, like glitter but bigger and awesomer. Nfu-Oh is a Korean brand, and though I have not tried their other polishes, their flakies are *outstanding*. I need more. This one is one of their shimmery flakies, so there's flakie and shimmer, causing awesome overload, as opposed to just flakies (a cleaner look) which are also pretty awesome. Have I said awesome? So, 51. Not only flakie and shimmery, but duochromatic. It's actually more than duo. Quadro? Qunit...o? It shines all the colors of the rainbow and others not invented, all of this packed in a sheer blue-purple jelly base. WHOA. Can you handle that?

Well, sometimes I can't. Hah. The only drawback to this baby is that to get that base opaque it takes about 4 coats which I do not often have the patience for. China Glaze's Grape Pop, a polish I've worn in the past, gave me a little brainstorm. Oh!, I thought to myself, This Grape Pop color is just about the shade of the base of Nfu-Oh 51. Hm!" So I dug it out and slapped one coat on and I oohed and ahhed at its adulterated glory: layering it over Grape Pop really highlights the base color (as opposed to layering it over black [awesome] or a lighter purple).


These are with flash which really makes the Grape Pop pull through more than in real life. You can see the shimmer, sorta. But look at the bottle! CAN YOU EVEN! It also has boobs. But seriously, imagine the effect in the bottle on the nail, because it's happening, you just can't see it.

Here are a few without flash, under my lamp, which show the texture and the multichromaticness of it all. Excuse any bluriness.

YAY. Do you have it? Well, maybe you're not in Korea but it is available at, an awesome website. They have all the Nfu-Oh shades, do look them up.

Thanks for looking!

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