Thursday, April 8, 2010

American Apparel Mount Royal

After so many pastels, I'm jonesing for funkier colors. To start me off, I have American Apparel's Mount Royal. Hello pretty cornflower/blurple creme. Hello perfect formula. Seriously. Downtown LA was pretty good but this one was PERFECT. It almost could've been one coat, but I did 2 to be sure. Dusty royal blue? Or is there purple in there? This color is a little hard to decode no matter what the lighting. My pics make it pull more bright blue than it is.

Not much to say about this one, except that it's awesome:

I'm loving these American Apparel polishes, I'm glad I bought a boatload! Mount Royal is actually one of the 3 my fiance bought me before I was there; I knew I wanted Mount Royal, Berry & Mouse just from online swatches. The rest were sorta impulse buys... I tend to get things under my skin and I'm not in Winnipeg all that often (3/4 times a year or so) and I'm near an American Apparel even less, so I figured I should stock up... Am I rationalizing here?? That's what it sounds like.

More to come soon! Thanks for looking!!

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