Sunday, April 25, 2010

American Apparel Hassid & Nfu-Oh 49

The pictures and execution of this manicure are pretty subpar, but I just wanted to share something today.

I got a few Nfu-Ohs from in the mail yesterday, 49 & 52, which joined 51 & 60, which already live at my house. I was itching itching itching to try 49 over black, because I'd seen pictures of it and it was AWESOME. Plus, I'd never tried the clear-ish based flakies, as opposed to 51 & 60 which have opaquer bases and shimmer and duochrome. 49 is one of these, orange iridescent flakies in a weird, sorta reddish/pinkish, but nearly clear, base. These are more your straight-up flakies. And, as it happened, since I wanted to try 49 over black so badly, it worked out well that I had American Apparel's Hassid in line waiting to be tried.

First, I didn't take photos of Hassid on its own but it is FANTASTIC. I know Illamasqua's Boosh is raved about as a rad, amazing black, but Hassid is wonderful. ONE COAT. I did one coat. Not even a question about needing two. The formula was awesome. It also dried (prior to topcoat) kinda satiny. Neat.

Then, I topped it with one/twoish coats of 49. Now, my disclaimer: I did this manicure while at my dad's house, without proper light, sitting on my bed, balancing badly. So, excuse the crap cleanup job that I did. Despite my lack of skill here, I had to take a few pictures.

No flash, for detail.

If the sun had been out, I would've have quite a show for you all today, but it did not. These don't capture the vibrance of the flakies. Super awesome. I bet this will look good over other colors too, I'm thinking like China Glaze Grape Pop or Rescue Beauty Lounge Teal. Something along those lines.

That's all & thanks for looking!

P.S.- As you probably know, the Zoya Exchange has been resurrected! So, starting tomorrow, in honor of this, I'm gonna go crazy on my Zoya stash because it's been neglected!! I acquired 85% of it during last year's Zoya Exchange. I don't have any of the new Zoyas (all the reason to plot an exchange), but I do have quite a few aside from the latest release, so hit me with a request and if I can honor it, I will :-)

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