Tuesday, April 20, 2010

China Glaze LOL

Yet another holo today! Today, keeping in my personal theme of holos, I broke out another China Glaze that I'm fairly certain I've never worn: LOL. I'll tell you why I never wore this one: in the bottle it looks VERY lackluster. A lot of the other OMGs are very obviously holo in the bottle, and a few, including LOL, aren't. This is actually quite deceiving, because once it was on the nail I was absolutely blown away by how holographic it was! Incredibly stunning, even in crappy indoor lowlight. LOL is the deeper purple from the OMG collection, IDK being the more lilac of the two. It's a little more red based than blue. Why have I neglected these for so long, I have no idea! I was actually looking through my collection and realized that while I have 7 or 8 of the Kaleidoscopes, I only have 6 of the OMGs (which does not include 2NITE--how did this happen!?), and that I should really get my hands on a few more while I can.

So here is LOL, making its debut:

I was surprised how well the holo picked up in these photos! I'm really jonesing for 2NITE, why oh why do I not have this?? Looks like maybe I'll have to make an order in the near future :-) More coming, maybe I'll have to lay off the holo for a few days here... or maybe not.
Thanks for looking!

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