Sunday, April 4, 2010

Revlon Minted, Lilac Pastelle & Peach Petal

So, to knock off a few recently acquired and untried polishes, I did a last minute Easter themed manicure using the 3 Spring Revlon polishes I got while I was in Canada. I think I might be over pastels for the moment because I wanted to get these three out of the way... I'm not in the Easter/Spring spirit, can you tell? I think I'm tired or something.

Anyway, these polishes were only OK. The formula was a bit thin and watery for a creme, on all three. 3 coats were required for Minted & Lilac Pastelle and I used my dotting tool and Peach Petal for the dots. It seemed slightly more opaque than the other two, but I might be making that up. Kinda haphazard, but like I said, I'm just not feeling it. I'm pastel-ed out! It also occurs to me, as I upload them, that I forgot a watermark. Oops.

Did anybody do anything fun for Easter? It's not my favorite holiday, probably because I don't have children and I'm not particularly religious. Oh well, I'm looking forward to trying out a few more of those wicked American Apparel cremes I got!! Something new, I can't wait :-)
Thanks for looking!


  1. Those are some pretty shades of polish, hoping to go and buy minted tomorow :) I ordered a dotting tool this afternoon also, this post makes me look even more forward to using it

  2. Yeah I seriously can't get enough of mint green! Love it. Enjoy your dotting tool!! I kinda suck at it, but it is super fun :-)

  3. Love the dots and alternating colours! I picked up these revlon polishes as well and agree with you about the application. I have some pics on my blog too.

    I will follow yours! : )

  4. Love your blog! I followed you back :-)

  5. what drugstore in Canada did you buy them at? I've been looking everywhere!