Saturday, April 17, 2010

Milani Dot Com

Oh, what a gorgeous color. This appears to be from a new collection called Liquid Metal, which I mentioned the other day. I immediately zeroed in on this one as the star of the collection, and indeed, it was the only one I bought. It's a crazy shimmery polish--not frosty but with an almost foil-like finish. It's finish kind of reminds me of Hard Candy Mr. Wrong. But deeper and more complex shimmer-wise. So it's not a full-on foil. Very shimmery and metallic. It sort of defies description in that area. Also in the area of color: it's plum, bronze and flashes a bit of gold and pink here and there. Very fall looking. But fall be damned, it's Spring and I will rock it because it is gorgeous!

2 coats, excellent formula, dried fast and shiny with Seche Vite, I present to you Dot Com:

I'm not sure if these pictures really capture its gorgeousness. But it rocks! I highly recommend seeking it out if you can. Also, due to its intense shimmer, I may go back for one of the others, because this was seriously stellar.
Thanks for looking!

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