Monday, April 5, 2010

Vacation Goodies

You probably don't know this, but for about the last 2 weeks I've had this blog on scheduled updates because I was out of town. I was visiting my fiance in Winnipeg (Canada), and I only did my nails 3 times!! I did take pictures, so those are forthcoming.

While I was in Winnipeg, I may have done a little hauling. My fiance lives right near the city's only American Apparel, and since I live far from the many in New York State, I bought a lot of their polishes. And by a lot I mean I bought all of them except 5. (Actually he bought most of them because he's awesome!!)

Here they are, all lined up! I love these bottles so much.

Left to Right: Office, Hunter, Peacock, Factory Grey, Mouse, Berry & Mount Royal.

Left to Right: Downtown LA, Cotton, Dynasty, Poppy, Hassid & Manila.

Also, I grabbed these Revlon spring pastels (that were featured in yesterday's Easter post) that haven't hit the US yet. Here's some bottle pics:

Left to Right: Lilac Pastelle, Minted, Peach Petal.

And, when I got home, I picked up this neat little guy:

Sally Hansen Salon Complete Manicure in Midnight in NY. I love glittery black polishes and anything New York themed, having lived in this state (and in NYC too) for 99.99% of my whole life. That other .01% consists of the week I moved to Georgia to attend a "Southern Ivy." Needless to say I left, abandoning a full scholarship to graduate school. Driving over 1,000 miles (in less than 24 hours) by yourself in a crappy VW Jetta in the middle of August is some serious "me" time. Anyway, I got off topic here somewhere....

So, I'm home now, and hopefully I won't have to miss posting here and we'll get back on track. :-)

Thanks for looking!

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