Tuesday, April 13, 2010

New Stuff: Borghese Tutti Gelati & Milani Liquid Metal Collection & A Gadget!

OK so while I'm stocking up a few nail looks to post, I thought I'd show a few things I picked up at the drugstore tonight, one of which I think is pretty gosh-darn nifty. I'll warn you ahead of time this post is wordy!

The first things I picked up are these two new Borgheses from the Tutti Gelati collection. Menta and Pistacchio (is this spelled wrong on purpose? Italian spelling? Not sure...). These look a bit on the sheer side (especially Menta), but they're super cool looking... Borghese is really amping it up. These were $8 but I had a $3 coupon I earned watching some videos on Rite Aid's website. You can sign up and print the coupon once you've watched the video (which is like, 2 minutes). Also, if you watch 20 credits worth of videos (they all have a varying point value) you get $5 off $20 coupon. Anyway, here's Menta and Pistacchio.

Menta, Pistacchio.



Second, I went to CVS and saw this new Milani display/collection, Liquid Metal. Excuse the picture, I took it with my iPhone and the lighting was CRAP. But these looked so cool, and I haven't heard anything about them anywhere yet, so I took a picture:

These are the new Milanis, clockwise from top left: My Network, Just Browsing, PC Girl, I'm Online, 2.0, and Dot Com. (The one Dot Com missing is the one I took!). Not sure why there's three each of My Network, Just Browsing & PC Girl and two each of I'm Online, 2.0 & Dot Com.

I didn't have time to take detailed pictures of all of them, because I only bought one. So, here is my written description of the collection: Three of these, My Network (gold), PC Girl (silver) and I'm Online (bronze-ish) are basically dupes of the Orly Foil FX collection---or, rather, I immediately thought that there was a dupe (or close dupe) of each color. Even the finish looks very similar. I didn't buy these for comparison, but if you missed the Orlys, these look like they might be a good bet. There was also a sheer looking white gold shimmer, Just Browsing, as well as Dot Com--a shimmery purpley bronzey pinky awesomeness, and 2.0, a crazy shimmery silvery black. I only bought Dot Com because it looks fabulously, seriously, unique. I almost bought 2.0 but it looked a little too close to BB Couture's Dark Knight for me to need both. We'll see. I may break down and go get it.

Here's Dot Com:

I can't WAIT to wear this! I'm sure it'll be featured again very soon. These pictures just do not capture the awesome, irregular shimmer and the duochorome-yness of the whole thing. Gorgeous.

And lastly, but certainly not leastly, I found this weird little contraption in a huge clearance bin at the Rite Aid I went to. It was origially $9.99, marked down to $2.49, and I figured I'd pick it up because it piqued my interest.

It's called Calieo Soak-Off Antibacterial Artificial Nail Remover System, and it's for removing artificial nails.

It's supposed to come with five little orbs that look sort of like those plastic balls you get in quarter machines that have toys in them. One end is rubber though, and you stick your finger into it after you fill it went acetone (or the enclosed remover, which was way evaporated, as you can see).

This is how you put your finger in, and apparently there's some sort of scrubber mechanism on the inside.

A shot of all my fingers in it. Not sure if it's water-tight, so I'll have to experiment and find out if you should hold your hands like this.

Here are the directions:

My first thought was that this reminded me of the "foil method" that people talk about for glitter removal on the MUA nail board. Also, I thought, it'd be great for removing Orly Nail Rescue, because I use that frequently and remove and reapply it every other week or so (I have one really damaged nail on my left hand that I'm trying to grow out).

For some reason, my box came with 6 little orbs, not five as it states on the box. Haha. I'm gonna experiment with this really soon because if it works, I actually think it's kind of ingenious and will really be helpful to me for glitter/nail glue removal. So, if this piques your interest too, head to your Rite Aid ASAP! I've never seen or heard of this before, so I'm not even sure where else you might get them. Like I said, they originally retailed for $9.99, and I'm not sure I would've paid that much for it, but at $2.49, it went in my basket very quickly.

I was a super bargain shopper at Rite Aid tonight too--I had so many coupons (from the Video Values thing and others that I'd saved) that I got over $40 worth of stuff for $18! Not too shabby. I'm only 24 and I am living at home again during grad school (fiance and I are long distance still), so I haven't really gotten the finesse of coupons. But I've recently gotten into blogs like Noveau Cheap and the like that are inspiring me to get good deals on stuff that I'd buy anyway. I like to think I'll be very awesomely thrifty when I'm on my own again. I think That's all the babble I've got for tonight! Thanks for reading :-)


PS: Not pictured above, because I don't have it yet, my fiance also picked me up American Apparel's Passport Blue today, which I passed on while I was there and regretted it. So I now have 14/18 of the American Apparel polishes. They're awesome!! Kudos to AA for good leggings, awesome deep V-neck t's, and wicked polish!


  1. Awesome finds, can't wait to see the 2 collections here. And the soak off is interesting too, great score for cheap :-)

  2. Hope you can find the new collections! I hadn't even heard of the Liquid Metal one, just stumbled across it. I saw the Borghese collections at both Rite Aid & Walgreens, so I feel like they're becoming easier to find (I used to never be able to find Borgheses anywhere!) :-)

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