Friday, April 9, 2010

American Apparel Dynasty, Konad M71

This color is actually a little on the "boring" side for me. A dusty pinked-mauve creme, Dynasty is another in the long string of American Apparel polishes I recently bought. I like this color with my skintone (very pale, neutral leaning cool), and I think it'd look really good in the fall months. The formula on this was also excellent. It was slightly sheerer than Mount Royal on the first coat, but a second was plenty for it to be opaque.

Here are a few picture, but note that it leans inexplicably more blue/purple where in real life it actually has a much more pink tone to it--it's very mauve.

Got a bit bored with this one so I hauled out the ol' Konad. It's been a while since I did one! I used plate M71 (which I've had for a while and never used!), a sorta lacy design with Konad White Special Polish for the stamp. I really like this design, reminds me of old wallpaper...

3 down, 10 more to go! What will tomorrow bring, we shall see, we shall see. I'm craving some glitter though.... hm! :-)
Thanks for looking


  1. Really nice. I "SO" love Konading.

  2. Me too! I never thought I would be into nail art... but it's just so nifty!! :-)