Wednesday, April 21, 2010

American Apparel Poppy & Konad M72

This isn't my favorite manicure that I've ever done, but here it is nonetheless. I broke out of my holo streak for a day here and dipped back into the American Apparel polishes. I haven't seen too many swatches of this one, Poppy, floating around. It's a very bright orange-red, not really coral, not really orange and not really red. It's a little weird. Though the formula seems good and opaque, 2 coats really wasn't that opaque. I would've needed three if I hadn't Konaded over it. Reddish colors seem to be odd that way--opaque, but you can still see that nail line for some weird reason. This one had the good formula I've come to expect from these polishes.

Here's a couple photos of it pre-Konad. Excuse how messy they are--my desk lamp broke and I've been doing my nails in crappy light lately! Haha, I'm actually kind of embarrassed to show these. Hopefully I'll be getting a replacement soon.

It actually looks more coral in these photos than it does in real life. An interesting color.

I decided to use a full nail design from Konad M72, kind of a busy retro pattern. I thought it'd look neat over Poppy. Not sure how I feel about it in the end but here are my results:

As usual, I used Konad's Black Special Polish for the stamp. I like this stamp, even though it's pretty busy, but I'll have to try it again for something else. Don't know why I feel so lackluster about this! Haha. I think holos have spoiled me lately. Any-who, that's what I've got for today! Hopefully I'll return tomorrow with something a little more my speed :-)

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  1. Oh so pretty. Love it.
    I don't own a single AA polish.
    Have fun,