Tuesday, April 27, 2010

L.A. Colors Wired

I found this fun electric blue shimmer at Dollar Tree, and yup, it cost $1. The formula was great, it was opaque in 2 coats and yup, it dried awesomely with Seche Vite. Awesome win for this L.A. Colors polish, from the Color Craze line. It's the first that I've tried and I'm very impressed. I've never seen these at my DT before, but I'd grab another based on this one. I also took a bit of length off my nails, as you might notice.

Some photos, but it was much more awesomely vibrant in real life. The perfect cerulean shimmer:

Gosh I loved this so much! What a blue! The nearest in my collection to this would be China Glaze Frostbite, but I think this is brighter somehow. Love it.

OK, so my Zoya project? The other night, I swatched ALL of my 35 some-odd of my Zoyas. It was overwhelming!! But awesome. And, I guess I'll be posting these in parts over the next couple of days once I figure out how to group them. I also have to redo a couple (Ginessa, Richelle and a few others were brats and photographed awfully). They're not perfect swatches (a smidge messy, no cleaup), but they ARE pretty color accurate, so they may help any Zoya decisions you may be making in the near future :-) I sent in my exchange on Friday and got an email today that it's already processed and on its way back to me!! Excellent customer service, just like last year. I only traded in six polishes this year because I wanted the Sparkle collection, which I got in its entirety. Annoyingly enough, I realized there was another polish I've always wanted, Sienna, that I forgot about. Either way, it runs until the end of June so maybe I'll do another if I round up a few more polishes.

OK, so Zoyas coming tomorrow! For more info on their Earth Day Polish Exchange program, visit artofbeauty.com, and you should see a box for it on the left hand side. The online form is a bit tricky, be warned.

Thanks for looking!

ETA: Remember in this post I got the new Borgheses Menta and Pistacchio? Well, I returned them! They were sheer to the point of being awful and pointless. Save your $$!!

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