Tuesday, April 6, 2010

American Apparel Downtown LA

So, as I said in my last post, I just spent almost 2 weeks in Winnipeg with my fiance for our anniversary. Everything from March 22nd until Illamasqua Phallic were nails that I did before I left on the 22nd and had scheduled to post (with the exception of my Easter post, of course). The chronology is a bit confusing but we're almost up to date (finally!). At one point, I was 15 or so posts ahead of schedule, just so I wouldn't miss a day--haha! I guess I'm a little nuts maybe.

While on vacation, I only had 3 looks on my nails: Illamasqua Phallic, which I did before I left and wore for a few days, BB Couture's Vampy Varnish (which I have already posted photos of, so I won't post on this again) and then American Apparel's Downtown LA, a very classic cherry red, that I wore for the actual day of our anniversary. (It was, as you may have noticed, a purchase I made while I was there). So, these photos are the only ones that I took of my nails during the whole (almost) 2 weeks that I was gone.

I ended up wearing this for FIVE DAYS! Can you believe that?? I can't. This was 2 coats, the formula was awesome and it wore very, very well. It only chipped on the fifth day because I had just gotten home and was at work (where I sometimes submerge my hands in water). Just some minor tip wear. I love this red! It's so pretty and awesome--eye catching yet... classic! Quintessential, like super matte, super black liquid eyeliner (my favorite!). Anyway, here she is (excuse any tip wear & dings happening here, I'd already had it on a couple days):

I loved it! An excellent red and an excellent intro to all those American Apparel polishes that I bought. I love cremes, and I love the color range. I bought all of them except the pinks (Rose Bowl & another I can't remember), beige-y pink (Palm Springs), and that weird one, Pinto, that was kinda rusty red-brown. I also passed up Passport Blue, I'm not certain why, it just looked like too dark of a navy, that it would pull black..... maybe I'm wrong. Somebody talk me into it? Haha! OK, enough rambling. Thanks for looking!

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