Monday, April 19, 2010

China Glaze DV8

So, though I've had this polish for two years, I never really thought about the name. DV8. I mean, all the other OMG polishes stand for things, L8R G8R, LOL, OMG etc. I never thought about what DV8 meant, I never said it out loud, I just thought it was called D-V-8. Until tonight when I was polishing my nails and read it to myself: Deviate. DUH. Haha. I've worn DV8 before, but for some reason (impatience?) it never dried and I hated it and took it off immediately. What the hell was I smoking? Seriously! This polish is an insane kind of gorgeous, totally unique and awesome and super-smooth rainbow holographic-ishness. Yup.

2 coats over my usual basecoats, Seche Vite top coat and BAM! Look and see:

The best part about this? My camera washes the holo out a bit--so yes, that holo you see above is actually MORE holo in real life. Yes, friends, we may be seeing some more holos in the near future, as the bug has reasserted itself and bitten me yet again. Anyone else love the OMGs? Recommend any other good ones? I have a bunch but I can't remember which, I'll have to go digging. I forgot how frickin' awesome these are.
Thanks for looking!

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