Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I'm back! And Wet 'N Wild Craze in Lust & Konad M59

So, I began this several months ago and things quickly petered out. I decided to start anew with things. I changed my blog address to something less ubiquitous. So ignore that old watermark on previous posts, I was too lazy to change it on the pictures. At any rate, despite my lack of blogging, I've been taking photos of my manicures nonetheless. So I'll start off with a recent one, just to get the ball rolling. Valentines Day---I hate Valentines Day. It's not a bitter single person hatred of the holiday (I'm happily engaged) but it's more along the lines of me thinking the holiday is just kinda ridiculous. At any rate, I celebrated on my nails, mostly because I have a zillion Konad plates and will use any excuse to break 'em out.

Luckily enough, I started my V-Day manicures a few days early, because, due to awful circumstances, I ended up having to attend a wake on the actual day. So I broke out RBL Grunge out of respect. Photos of that to come later.

The first one I did was Wet 'N Wild Craze in Lust, a pretty shimmery hot pink with a blue pearl to it. I did 2 coats (which was not entirely opaque, but I knew I was Konad-ing over it), and then the Konad plate M59 with China Glaze Millennium for the stamp. I topped it all off with a coat of Essie's Matte About You (Lust & Inferno, both from the Craze line, look awesome matte).

It was a bit brighter in person. I'm still perfecting my camera skills, as well as my Konad skills. I really liked this matte, though.

Thanks for looking!

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