Saturday, February 27, 2010

China Glaze Flyin' High

Ah, the polish that will just not photograph. Another offering from the Up & Away collection that was lovely--easy to apply, opaque in 2 coats, and I got a number of compliments on it. It was fun to wear. These photos.... it's almost like they're not even of the same polish. I mean... it's just so much more green in real life and so much less bright turquoise... this literally looks like it could just be China Glaze Shower Together or Aqua Baby... but no. It's Flyin' High. I swear. These are so inaccurate that I even included the last one, which isn't a good photo, to attempt to try to depict the color. I fail. But it's a great polish, wonderful. You'll love it. It just doesn't really look like what's picture below.

Sorry these are so weird and kinda disappointing!

On another note.....

Some recent drugstore finds! You'll see Stellare Notte & Blackmail in there, as well as Borghese Almondine (what a bizarre/cool polish--an oddly speckled beige with a pink flash) Wet 'N Wild's Disturbia, Night Prowl, and that wacky orange creme, Sunny Side up. On the far end is Sinful Colors Mint Apple. I may have to hit up a few drugstores, but I guess I've gotten pretty lucky with finding things. I also got a few of the new Milani polishes (not pictured), the green & purple holos, but the rest looked so identical to a couple of China Glaze Kaleidoscope color that I already had that I passed on them. Plus, they appear to be part of the permanent display so I'll hold off. There is a great CVS in my town that always has the new collections. Anyway, just a preview of things you'll probably be seeing on my nails in the near future....

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