Saturday, February 20, 2010

ELF Holiday 2009 Polishes

Better late than never, I hope, I present to you the ELF Holiday 2009 set, which was a set of 3 polishes for $3. I didn't really buy any polish around Christmastime (save the RBL sale), so when I saw these at Target while I was Christmas shopping, I grabbed 'em for the heck of it. I did these swatches way back before Christmas.

This is the box:

And these are the 3 polishes:

L to R: Pearl (shimmery frosty white), Dark Navy (shimmery deep blue), and Royal Purple (red-leaning shimmery plum, almost dark fuchsia).

And swatches!

First, Pearl.

From far away for a bit of perspective...

It's only a bit brushstroke-y, and despite its frostiness, I kinda dig it. I can't explain why.

Sorry for the lack of cleanup... This was 2 coats.

And next, Royal Purple. It was kinda sheer, this was two thick coats.

It's a bit more red-leaning and less pink in real life. There's also a distinct blue pearl to it.

This catches a bit of the pearl.

And, lastly, my favorite, Dark Navy.

2 coats.

It's quite dark, but really pretty. Doesn't look black from far away, as you can see.

For inexpensive polishes, the formula on these was actually great. They dried well. I didn't wear any of them as a full manicure though, so I'm not sure of the wear on them, but I tend not to have any problems since I found base/topcoats that work for me. I'm sure these aren't available anymore (maybe they are??) as a set, but from these, I'd buy another ELF polish any day if the color struck me. These aren't terribly unique, but they were fun nonetheless.


  1. I have quite a few ELF polishes too. I find them streaky and harder to apply than some but they are pretty. I've only used a few so far.
    Love your nails,
    Susie in northern NY. :)

  2. Thanks :) You are too sweet! Where in Northern NY are you??

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  4. We are an hour north of Watertown. Ever hear of it?