Sunday, February 28, 2010

China Glaze The Ten Man, Konad Plate M79

In theory, I like this polish. It's Wizard of Oz themed. That's pretty much an "in" in my book. It's silver with silver glitter. But that silver is just a tad too sheer and a tad too frosty for this to work for me. It also dried a little weird on me, took forever. Occasionally, China Glazes are like that for me--a bit hit/miss with the drying. Nevertheless, I enjoyed wearing this, especially with the Konad, which was from one of those brand-spakin' new plates, M79. Sometimes I look at Konad plates and wonder what they're thinking over there--some of the designs are just... not my style... or weird. But this polka dot thing is genius. I have a few dotting tools, but I dunno.... something about the uniformity of these dots. It just looks great. Neat. Cute but classy. Something.

This is 3 coats of The Ten Man, and Konad Black Special Polish for the stamp:

My ring finger nail looks oddly uneven here! Weird. Though I haven't swatched them in the blog, my lovely fiance gave me quite the Wizard of Oz themed Christmas gift, which included the entire set of these polishes, which I guess are a re-release from a number of years ago. Ruby Pumps is a gorgeous staple that I already owned, and I adored C-C-Courage and Dorothy Who? when I wore them. I haven't attempted Good Witch? or Cowardly Lyin', yet, but we'll see. They're both in the same vein as this polish (a pink and gold version of the frosty sheer base with glitter), so we'll see them when the mood strikes me.

Thanks for looking!

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