Monday, February 22, 2010

Borghese Stellare Notte

Warning: this pictures suck because there is no way I could pick up the awesomeness that is this weird little polish. There are also way too many of them. So I listened to the buzz in the blogging world about this little Borghese collection called Fashionista, that had a couple of crazy cool, unique polishes in it. The buzz centered largely, on Stellare Notte, though I heard some inklings of a shade called Almondine as well. Rite Aid isn't in my usual circuit around town, but there is an excellently good one that I sometimes frequent looking for the current cheap thrills. It never disappoints. I'd gone there previously looking for the Borghese holiday sets (apparently Stellare Notte was part of one of these, in unnamed, mini form) and I passed. Not sure why. Saw 'em and shrugged. So, my interest piqued when I walked into Rite Aid a couple weeks ago and saw the display. It was full. I picked up Stellare Notte and stared at it: icy navy with a vaguely oil-spill-ish look to it, it was truly unique. But it was $8 (!!!! at the drugstore! what?!). But it was unique. But it was $8. And on and on this went in my head, until I realized that now that I'd touched it with my hands, I wasn't gonna get over it if I just left it. So home with me it came. Two weeks later, I went back and bought Almondine, too. (That one is forthcoming).

Unfortunately, my camera isn't good with the details that make this polish so spectacular. All you'll see below is an icy, navy shimmer. What you're missing is the ultra-cool ultra-subtle rainbow effect this baby has. God bless the subtleties of the human eye.

Below are various shots of this polish, 2 coats, in all sorts of light: flash, indoor, window, etc. Nothing gets it.

Anyway, I hope those of you looking for this awesome, albeit overpriced, little polish, I wish you all luck in finding it. It's truly a gem.

Thanks for looking!

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