Thursday, February 18, 2010

Konad Plate Storage

So, Konad plates--once you've got 'em, what do you do with 'em?? Now, before I start, I want to say that I stole this idea from someone whose picture I saw on Flickr probably 2 years ago. I didn't write down the username or anything, but I did steal this idea. If it was yours, please claim it and I will credit you appropriately!!

I've seen on MUA and other sites that it's popular to use business card holders for this, but I think this idea is cheaper and it's expandable. It's also mildly crafty.

For this, you will need these:

I got a little over-zealous opening mine, so they're ripped :-) . They're available at WalMart in the school supplies section. They're under $2. Make sure to get the horizontal ones and NOT the vertical ones. I mean you could try the vertical ones, but the horizontal ones are much better. You also need a ribbon.

Thread the ribbon through the holders and tie in front. Voila! Konad plate holder. Sorry these pictures are a little weird... it's hard to take indoor pictures of shiny things.

I like this method because it's wicked cheap and expandable--very easy to take apart and add more pages to. I started with under 12 Konad plates and have been buying them for a few years so now I have around 40. I've just kept adding packs of these badge holders, so now my little book is pretty fat! You could make separate books if you have more. I keep them in numeric order too... a little OCD but oh well.

Thanks for looking!!


  1. What a great idea. :) I'll have to look for those. :)

  2. Omg this would be perfect! Now to try and find that sort of thing in the UK... :S