Saturday, December 5, 2009

NYX Lime Sparkle

There's nowhere locally to buy NYX, so I bought this polish during one of Cherry Culture's NYX sales last year. I also bought a few others, including a ton of the NYX Girl's glitters, which are pretty nice. That aside, despite the buzz I've heard online about this polish, I neglected to ever actually wear it after I bought it. Take heed when ordering NYX polishes, they tend to be misnamed, and colors tend to change. Order with care.

Now, the skinny on this guy: It was pretty damn goopy. But, for all its awful goopiness, it dried well (and didn't take too long, either). I found it pretty sheer, and I did three coats but could've used a fourth... but I don't do fourth coats. The shade borders on more of a bright apple green, I think, more so than lime. It could be argued either way I think. As my photos will evidence, the shade is a bit of a shapeshifter, and I'm not certain the camera captured the correct shade at all. But, here it is in it's blingy, green goodness:

This is with a desk lamp, this is darker but you can see the glitter detail well.

This was the most true to color, and it catches the sparkle.

Haha, I wanted to get the thumb in there, so here is my awkward claw-hand pose.

I've worn this for a few days now (unusual), and it's growing on me. And wearing like iron! It's tough shit, my nails feel like acrylics with this on. Anyway... that's all for tonight.

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