Thursday, December 3, 2009

Nina Ultra Pro In A Tiff

So! Today we have Nina Ultra Pro's In A Tiff. In this shade range--read Tiffany box blue--China Glaze's For Audrey seems to have swept the category as far as popularity. There are several others (I believe Diamond Cosmetics makes one). These baby blue/minty green pastels seem popular lately, and I can see why. They're oddly eye-catching, and more bold that one would expect.

These Nina polishes are found at the ever-trusty Sally Beauty supply, and I'd never bought any before this weekend. I had a $5 off $20 coupon and I had already fulfilled my lemmings for Holiday FingerPaints & China Glazes. I didn't need any treatments or base/top coats (except the same night I smashed a bottle of Seche Vite on the hardwood floor... so now I could use some...) anyway. So I decided to use the coupon to try something new, and I got 4 Nina's (this one, Sailor, Emerald City and Purple X-ing) and 2 Orly's (Plum Noir & It's Up To Blue... I love Orly's, I want them all). This is the first of the bunch that I've tried, and I was quite impressed.

This is two coats, it was very opaque and the formula was OK--not spectacular, not awful--but leaning on the thick side. I probably should've thinned it a bit beforehand. It wore pretty well, but Seche Vite + Barielle Manicure Extender make everything pretty indestructible on me. In a different move than For Audrey or other Tiffany blues, this contains silvery shimmer. It is fairly pronounced in the bottle, but much less pronounced on the nail. I could barely catch it with the naked eye, much less my camera. I've seen other photos, however, where it was noticeable. Who knows. Here she is:

Let's pretend I attempted clean-up before this, ok? Haha. OH did I mention!? These babies retail for just over $3 a pop! You can shop a lot of discount polish online, but I hate forking over for shipping and often shop locally because I adore the American pastime of instant gratification (and Sally's is generous with their coupons... mmm, I love coupons). They're cheap! Very pretty colors, good quality. Buy some!
Stay tuned... lovely NYX in store for tomorrow.

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