Tuesday, May 11, 2010

OPI Shrek Swatches, Wet 'N Wild Summer Swatches, Haul & More!

Howdy guys! I have been neglecting things around here this past week and I regret it because thanks to Brooke over at Getcha Nails Did and her fabulous New Blogs On The Block feature, we have a few more followers! Woo! I really want to have a giveaway because I hit a pretty VTHF (drugstore) dusty motherload a couple weeks ago. Not at the Dollar Tree even, someplace totally random, and something harder to find than what's been showing at at Dollar Tree recently. Not that I'm bribing people to follow but...... I'd like to get a few more before I attempt anything like that..... ;-) More to come on that later.

This is a lengthy post, so brace yourselves! I went out today to hit a few haunts in my lovely hometown of Albany, NY. This meant I went to the mall, where we have a beauty supply that occasionally publishes 30% off three items or more coupons. They have a good selection of Essie, some Orly, China Glaze, all Color Clubs (core & LE), CND, etc, etc, as well as a full range of OPI, and they get the new collections. Enter Shrek. A collection of cremes, devoid of pink or red, including a few real bizarre ones. I only hauled a few, and they came to about $16 after my coupon, yes, for all three.

L to R: Fiercely Fiona, Who The Shrek Are You?, Ogre-The-Top Blue

OPI, you are being such a bitch lately, so I'd better get used to paying retail for you, because your creme formula is one of my favorites. It wears like iron. I didn't get Funkey Dunkey even though I wanted it badly, but I have China Glaze Grape Pop so I made myself say no (BTW I would've had to buy this one separately for retail at Trade Secret anyway, because the beauty supply was out). And the two pastels were too dupey of everything else coming out lately. I'm weak though, so I may go back for Funkey Dunkey yet. Dunkey??? Anywho, these look awesomely pigmented and weird... two things I love in a creme.

Here's some very dirty swatches (can you see why I don't do this often??)

L to R: Who The Shrek Are You?, Fiercely Fiona, Ogre-The-Top Blue & Wet 'N Wild Blueberry Fizz for comparison (see below).

Then I hit up a Rite Aid and they had the new Wet 'N Wild Wild Shines, were are ridiculously cheap at 99 cents, so I bought the 4 that appealed to me.

L to R: Berry Jubilee, Blueberry Fizz, Candy Apple Twist, Mint Fusion.

I'm crazy for bright cremes lately, though Mint Fusion has a bit of shimmer to it. These look bangin' for the price, so awesomely gorgeous. They're all kinda jelly-ish, too. But not the kind that would require 4 or more coats.

Bad swatches:

L to R: Berry Jubilee, Blueberry Fizz, Candy Apple Twist, Mint Fusion.

I also caved and bought Claire's Magic because it was $2 and someday I will want it like I wanted Yel and have to resort to begging and pleading for it.

No swatch of this one because I got tired and it's old news anyway.

Update: So, a few posts ago I mentioned that Bundle Monster dropped the ball on my 21 plate order. It's OK, they're probably getting a shitload of orders lately and not entirely prepared. As you all know and probably agree, it's about how the situation is handled afterward. I tried calling them with the number listed on Amazon. I didn't reach anyone, so I emailed. I received a response within an hour or two, stating that they'd send out the missing plates. I have to be honest: I wondered if I'd ever see them. Not that I didn't trust them, but they're a fairly new guy on the market, and have been getting a lot of orders lately. Who cares about some girl who was missing 2 plates? But they did!!! I got them today, less than a week later, the exact two I was missing!!!! I even ended up with a mystery plate. With my original order, it was missing BM05 and BM21, but there was another plate thrown in: B72. Not BM 72, just B72. It looks like this:

So I have this weird little plate that I'm not even sure where it came from. Anybody know if it's part of a different set? The point of this was just to reassure that Bundle Monster CS is, in fact, very good. Don't hesitate to contact them if you have any trouble.

Also: If you're looking for storage solutions for your Konad or Bundle Monster plates, check THIS out. It's my method (though not my idea), and I think it works super well!

OH, and incase you are not aware (though I'm not sure how you couldn't be), Zoya is having a promo with the code "LIPPY", which is officially for 3 of their Hot Lips Lipgloss, free. But, it shows up as an $18 discount and you can use it on polish & remover! I love Remove + but I don't buy it anymore because it's too expensive and I find Onyx (purple) to work just as well. If Remove + is your only poison, then it's a GREAT deal. I ordered 3 Zoyas I felt I was missing: Astra, Robyn & Sienna. It ends May 12th, so hurry!

OK, phew, back to NOTD's tomorrow, friends. I've got a few stocked up. Thanks for reading!


  1. I was lucky to get both Magic and Yel at Claire's 10 for $10 sale. Love them both :-)

  2. Ohh my gosh I love Yel! So much awesome in such a little bottle.