Sunday, May 30, 2010

OPI Ogre-The-Top Blue

More Shrek! I am thisclose to caving on buying the remaining three from this collection, even though I know Funkey Dunkey and Rumples Wiggin' are dupes for colors I already have. Oh well... I also sort of feel like a poseur because I've only ever seen the first Shrek movie, though, I did, as a child, own the original Shrek book by William Stieg (betcha didn't know Shrek was a book! Well it was, I remember because my dog ate the library's copy and we had to buy it from them. And if you did know... then extra brownie points for you!)

Anyway anyway: This polish, whose name is obnoxious to type out, is really nice. Gorgeous blue, bright and saturated. It is not a twin of No Room For The Blues, which is much lighter. It's not as dusty as Suzi Says Feng Shui. I even just asked my brother, who is a 22-year-old male with (almost) zero interest in polish if Ogre-The-Top-Blue and No Room For the Blues were the same color. I quote, "No, one is obviously lighter than the other." So no, you do not need to have expert eyes to spot the difference. (Disclaimer: My brother's girlfriend loves OPI. So much so that when I wore Fiercely Fiona, he looked at me and went, "Are you wearing Shrek?" It scared me a little.)

I'll shut up. Pictures:

Because I'm feeling nice, some comparisons between OTTB & NRFTB:

Left to Right: Ogre-The-Top Blue, No Room For The Blues.

Swatched on tape: OTTB, NRFTB. The difference is most noticeable here.

Lovely, no? I'm resisting the urge to put Hidden Treasure over it, because it's really just so nice on its own. Mmm, how I love OPI. I don't buy from them all that often (I don't own any Espana and only one Hong Kong), but when I do, I'm rarely disappointed. They just wear so well on me.

Bonus pic from the next day with Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure over it:

I'm chatty today. Forgive me. Thanks for reading :-)


  1. This is gorgeous on you. Love the brother quote! Totally something mine would say. It looks really pretty with hidden treasure over the top.

  2. I didn't know Shrek was a book first! You learn something new every day. I've never seen polish swatched on tape like that before, it's a good idea and I may have to try it myself.

  3. @Tilly: Yup, it was hilarious :-)

    @Rebecca: That's the book! I saw someone swatch on tape once, and since I'd already done my nails when I thought to compare it, I figured I try it :-)

  4. lol @ "Are you wearing Shrek?" I also have that feeling about wanting to get the rest of the collection (I have Rumple's Wiggin', What's With The Cattitude, and Funkey Dunkey) even though I'm not into the yellow or Shrek-esque greens... but they look so cute altogether >.<! Let's hope I can resist!

  5. @Jen(ny) LOL I'm with you... I'm totally caving... I just have this feeling that next time I'm at the mall, the rest will be coming home with me!!