Saturday, May 15, 2010

Wet 'N Wild Wild Shine Mint Fusion

Today we have Wet 'N Wild's new Mint Fusion. I was completely enamored with my swatch of this color and immediately did an manicure with it the second I took the swatches off. I wasn't totally blown away with it for some odd reason, however. The color is pretty cool. It's like a more saturated honeydew melon type of green with a light green/silver shimmer to it. The formula is pretty good, 2 coats, drying time a bit on the slow side. It's kind of Slimer-esque. Or like Nickelodeon slime. Do they still slime people on Nickelodeon? Hm. I wouldn't call this a mint green, though it does sort of conjure up some sort of mental image of the color of margaritas, or the flavor of a mojito... Nail polish conjuring a flavor for me... I must be tired.

Ramble ramble. Here are my pictures. It pulls a bit paler in these pictures, it actually has a good amount of yellow to it:

Perhaps it's the crap-tastic weather we've been having up here in NY (um, hello? It's May, not early March), but this is just not hitting it out of the park for me. I can't wait, however, to try the others from this release, I love the juicy color palette.

OK, that's all I've got to subject you to today! Thanks for reading :-)


  1. Love this color-but it stained my nails like crazy. Hope this doesn't happen to you

  2. perpatetic33: thank you! it kinda reminds me of old tacky old wallpaper (which I love).

    jchris64: thanks! It didn't stain mine but I kept it on for less than 24 hrs... haha, I was anxious to try out the other colors! These types of greens always seem to do that though (**cough**cough** Orly Mint Mojito!)