Sunday, May 16, 2010

American Apparel Factory Grey & BM05 with China Glaze Awaken

I just want to say that after having tried many of the American Apparel polishes, and owning almost all of them (except 3: Rose Bowl, Coney Island, Palm Springs), they are absolutely fantastic. The quality and wear is superb. I love that there is a collection of amazing creme colors, because I feel that, for some reason, creme polish is always chic. No matter the color. Worn right, it's just it. Don't get me wrong, I'm a huge fan of shimmer, glitter and holo, but a good creme can be fun, loud, classic, edgy, anything.

You may have heard that American Apparel is coming out with 5 new polishes and a topcoat. This is the promo image:

L to R: Topcoat, Malibu Green, L'Esprit, Summer Peach, California Trooper, Butter.

I rarely say this but with the exception of the pink, I know that I need these. Hell, throw the pink in there, I don't care. I already have my fiance on the lookout for these. Despite the fact that I'm from NY, where there are a bajillion AA stores, there is not a-one anywhere near Albany yet, so I have my fiance who currently lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada (my little home away from home) literally a block and a half from an AA store pick them up for me. He's visiting on the 23rd, so I hope to have them soon! And possibly some of those Joe nail polishes.

Gosh, do I ever shut up? OK, here's the fabulous Factory Grey:

Uber love. A blue leaning grey, more along the lines of say, China Glaze Recycle or MAC On The Prowl. I own lots of greys... so gorgeous. Chic. Must be my word of the day.

The next morning, I added the star stamp from Bundle Monster plate BM05, I used China Glaze Awaken from the Romantique collection for the stamp and it came out super shiny! I'm really liking stamping with a similar-hued chromatic polish. I like the effect.

And that's all! Hope you guys are all having excellent days out there, wherever you are! Thanks for reading :-)


  1. I agree AA polishes are fabulous, I ordered 4 of the new ones with the 30% off code recently, as well as some others (which are on backorder:()

  2. Can't wait to get my new ones too! So excited :-)