Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Essie Mint Candy Apple

Um, whoops! For some reason this originally got posted without text! My bad.

My recent foray with Essie Absolutely Shore made me remember a polish that I've never actually tried from Essie, their original mint green, Mint Candy Apple. This is the quintessential blue based mint green creme, and I found the formula on it to be excellent. Super smooth and not as streaky as most, below is two coats.

I think this is pre-cleanup, so I apologize. I like this mint green, I've always liked the mint trend. To the point where I probably have too many of them and have lately tried to restrain myself. I think my favorite, however, is still China Glaze Refresh-Mint (or wherever that hyphen goes). That one reminds me exactly of the base of Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream, which happens to be my favorite. While this is wicked pretty, the blue brings out the pink tones in my hands and I find the lobster phenomenon happens. So pretty though, I really love this color. What's your favorite mint? 

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