Friday, September 9, 2011

OPI Uh-Oh Roll Down the Window

I have another polish from the OPI Touring America collection today, and it was one that had a lot of chatter about it going on beforehand. People were refusing to buy it, based on the sophomoric name. I, however, enjoy having conversations about my three-year-old nephew about who is the bigger poophead, so I think it's actually pretty funny. Whether it's a puke or fart reference, I'm down. Anyway, I also like the color. It's another kinda gross yellowy-green color, definitely army-esque. I like it, the formula was excellent. 2 coats, shiny and perfect.

As you've seen here and here, I am really digging these Touring Americas. I still have Roadhouse Blues to try, but I doubt I'll be disappointed. The formula on these has been flawless. So, what's your opinion on this one? Do you think less of me for liking it?? Do tell.

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