Monday, June 21, 2010

Maybelline Banana Puddin' & Juicy Tomato Swatches

So, for those of you who have entered the giveaway we're having HERE (still plenty of time to enter), here are some swatches of the featured colors:

Banana Puddin'

Let me just say this: I think this is the prettiest soft yellow out there. It's not as stark as American Apparel Butter or as yellow as China Glaze Lemon Fizz, I think it's the perfect balance of yellow and white. Also, the formula's good, but a tad sheer. Easily buildable though, this was three coats.

Juicy Tomato

This is a classic orange red (sorry it's so messy!). It really lives up to its name. It's a jelly, but a bit on the sheer side. It is buildable, but not like Banana Puddin'. For those of you that are into this, this color is phenomenal. Great formula, gorgeous shine and color. I did three coats for this swatch, so you can see how it builds.

Cropping a boatload of photos as we speak, lots to come :-)


  1. Read about your giveaway too late! Boo! :( These are sooo lovely on you. I hope I find these someday....