Thursday, June 3, 2010

American Apparel L'Esprit

Here's one of the new ones! L'Esprit is a pastel blue? Purple? Periwinkle? I can't decide. I want to say blue, I really do. There's something in me that doesn't want this to be purple but I guess it slightly is. Pastel cornflower? Perhaps. Not quite though. Whatever, it rocks. 2 flawless coats, super opaque, AMERICAN APPAREL: you guys are full of win! Unique cremes, I could just die happy.

So, now I'll bitch for a moment: I sucked at this manicure. I dinged it, tried to fix it, it got too thick over an Orly Nail Rescue(d) nail, and yeah. So whatever I ended up taking a picture of looks a little lackluster. This color just make me happy though.

L'Esprit. Pronounced Lespree? Sorta? Maybe? I took Spanish in school. In sixth grade, I made the informed decision to take Spanish because it's supposed to be a very good skill to have in the US. For my life, it has deemed irrelevant. I'm marrying a Canadian and will possibly soon live in Canada (probably not in a French-speaking part, but the influence is undeniable and everywhere). I've extensively studied film and literature, in which there are lots of French theorists who have lots of fun things (bullshit) to say (occasionally in French, and I have zero pronunciation skills with this language to my embarrassment). While I enjoy Pedro Almodovar and Pablo Neruda, you gotta admit I chose the wrong language to study at the tender age of eleven. What am I even talking about here?? Anyway, L'Esprit. 2 thumbs up.

Thanks for reading :-)

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  1. I thought l'esprit was in french.. and ya I think it is said that way. I love this one, didn't want to take it off when I wore it.