Friday, June 4, 2010

American Apparel Butter

Butter. What a name. What a... condiment? Spread? Though butter is not good for me, I do love it so. I could live on bread (fantastic bread!) and butter and just die happy. But since I would like to live a long time and would like to continue to fit into my jeans, I enjoy it sparingly. Luckily this new polish from American Apparel is kind to both my hips and arteries in any amount. It's a perfect soft yellow, like a stick of butter. It is lovely. It might, dare I say it, be my favorite pastel yellow yet (...though China Glaze Lemon Fizz rocks and Maybelline Banana Puddin' is fantastic too...).

The formula isn't really for the faint of heart, however. A two-coater but a problem child nonetheless, being a bit on the thick side. I'll have to thin it next time. I also got a few bubbles, which is unusual, but nothing too bad. It all evened out in two coats and dried well with my trusty Seche Vite.

See for yourself (Yes, pastel yellow makes my hands look red! Nope, don't care!):

I'm craving buttery, salty popcorn right now. Are we sick of American Apparel yet? Too bad, I still have seven left to try, but we'll give it a rest for a bit now. I still have so many untrieds. I shudder to think.

Thanks for reading :-)


  1. Ya I thought the application was pretty okay on this one, compared to my other yellows.

  2. Loving this colour so I'll deal with it being a little too thick and some bubbles ; )

  3. I really want this now.... /covet

  4. @Justine--definitely the best application out of all my pale yellows as well!

    @Jo-- I think it was mostly me being impatient and globbing it on a bit thick, but it's so worth it!

    @Jen(ny)--It's so good!! I think there's free shipping at AA right now (not to enable but just thought I'd let you know.... )

  5. Ok I went to AA today and got this, lol. I also got Office and California Trooper. /sigh I want moreee!

  6. Ohh Office and California Trooper I still have yet to try, they're sitting on my desk mocking me... so much polish so little time.