Saturday, July 24, 2010

Rescue Beauty Lounge Concrete Jungle

I had an untried Rescue Beauty Lounge polish. Can you believe it? I almost can't. And for someone who has 20-some odd RBL polishes, I've only swatched one other for this blog. Geez. I'm failing here, guys! This is the last really old NOTD that I have saved here. I finally decided on an occasion to wear this gorgeous grey: a friend's wedding back in late June. This polish conforms to all the standards upheld by the RBL line: gorgeous opacity, formula, drying time. It's top notch. Sure, they're wicked expensive, but Ji has blessed us with a few sales (which is when I've bought all of mine). So patience is key with this brand.

Anyway, this is two coats of Concrete Jungle:

So, I have a semi-new one coming up next, and after that, who knows! Thanks for reading, and I'm so please to be back to regular posting! I appreciate you all so much :D

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  1. Wow, concrete jungle looks gorgeous on you! I love it :)