Monday, August 8, 2011

Neon Leopard

I'm super annoyed with myself. I had a whole post written and set up about Essie Absolutely Shore, and my photos have disappeared. They're not on my camera, hard drive or Photobucket. *seethes* Anyway, I'll share another manicure that I wore this weekend for general partying, swimming and lazing at Grand Beach north of Winnipeg.

I take no credit for this one, but people on the MakeupAlley nail board have been trying it (I apologize, but I'm not sure who it originated with, but to you--kudos! Good idea!), so I decided to give it a whirl. It reminds me of something from my punk rock teenager-dom mixed with the Lisa Frank-dom of my elementary school years. All of this is kinda awesome.

Here's my rendition:

This is after 3 days of wear, so excuse the growth and lack of shine. I lacked a clean, crisp white, but I used American Apparel Cotton instead. The image plate is the ever-ubiquitous m57 (the first plate I ever bought), with Konad black Special Polish. The spots are all Color Club neons: 220 Volts (blue), Yell-Oh! (yellow), Pucci-licious (purple), Screamin' Fuchsia (pink), Limelight (green) and You got Soul-ar (orange--this has glitter, I couldn't find my basic neon orange, I must've left it in NY). I put those on with an ancient L'Oreal dotting tool I had lying around. Despite Seche Vite sorta smudging the black (and macro being unforgiving--it makes my clean up job look super shitty), this was definitely fun to wear, and my mother-in-law was pretty much freaking out about it, which was cute.

Hope your weekend went well! Anyone out there have any other great Konad ideas? I have like 90-something image plates (uhhm, yes, I have a problem), so hit me up with ideas. It's a creative wasteland over here.

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